Terry Gatewood is the creator, developer and founder of Physique Refinements LLC (PR). PR was founded in 1987-1990 when he became a Senior Drill Sergeant while serving in the Military. Terry was in charge of some eight (8) Drill Sergeants. They trained over 10,000 men, women, high school ROTC and collegiate ROTC. Re-defining physiques was his everyday life for three (3) years. Today it’s his livelihood.

Physique Refinements (PR) was established in 1998. PR became a Small Business with Secretary of State of GA in 2002. PR moved to its first Brick and Mortar in 2014.

PR was founded because Terry loves to give back to community, help and serve others. The business philosophy is to educate one person at a time to properly perform mechanical, sustainable movements that create the energy needed to transform to a desirable and functional physique.

PR develops specific training programs for individuals who suffer from Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and other Health and Fitness needs.

PR creates comprehensive transformation training programs for all walks of life; seeking results, confidence building and meeting goals.

We honor the opportunity to serve YOU!